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Monday, August 25, 2008

Take the Pain Out of School Immunizations

By Suzanne O'Connor

The back to school rush is on! If you’re a parent, I feel your pain.  I am in the same chaos. But this year on top of the usual back to school nonsense, I didn’t expect that my daughter was missing one of her shots.

Her pediatrician is over at UCLA. Though we are way over in Glendale now we stuck with the UCLA program cause it’s so good, we love her pediatrician and she was born at UCLA.  We planned ahead for yearly well visits and check ups usually eliminating unnecessary 40 mile round trip to the Westside of town.

We have kept her up on her basic required immunizations and thought we were on top of it. Nope. Somewhere along the line we missed the Hepatitis B. Drat! It’s required for middle school in Glendale. I do not want to drive for 2 hours for a five minute shot.

shot photo

Today when I was making a quick trip into CVS I saw they had a Minute Clinic and not only a complete list of immunizations for school but also the required Hepatitis B shot. Their menu says it’s $50 shot but it would have cost me just as much or more at UCLA and I am saving both time and the gas … around 6 dollars worth.

shot 2 photo

The Minute Clinic has nurse practioners on site and you can take care of a variety of little ailments without an appointment. They make it easier to stay healthy.

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