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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hands Free Cell Phone Use…What Works for Us

By Suzanne O'Connor

The only way to stay on top of my busy life is too keep my cell phone on while I am driving. With the new law of the land being hands free driving, I tried a Blue Tooth ear set. Nope didn’t work. I couldn’t get it to fit properly in my puny ear. It’s also too small and easy to lose. Plus it’s tacky and a major inconvenience when it keeps falling out of your ear.

Technology challenges are fun for my hubby, so I sent him out to find something I could use at a reasonable price. He did some online research and came back with a BlueAnt Supertooth Light Hands Free Speakerphone that clips on to your visor. Perfect.

Hands free and I can hold real clear conversations without messing with my hearing.  With our Blackberry’s you’re suppose to be able to use voice commands to dial out. But that hasn’t worked out for me. So I still have to hand dial, which I find very dangerous when driving.  I still pull over or do that at a red light. But the BlueAnt Supertooth light is convenient, cheaper than most and gives reasonably good reception.

Hands Free
Hubby got a black one and I got a white so we didn’t mix them up.  Its easy to configure and I leave it in the car, just taking out it to charge once every couple of months. It has 800 standby hours. I also don’t worry about it being stolen cause it folds up on the visor so it is not easily seen when not in use.

You can check out other BlueAnt products and where you can buy it here I found the cheapest price at Amazon for $69.
I am sure they are coming out with even better products all the time.

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