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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Get Organized

By Suzanne O'Connor

I like to start out the New Year organized. An organized closet is not a luxury it’s a necessity! Staying organized is essential to not overspending. You’ll end up buying something new ‘cause you can’t find what you’ve already got.

Doesn’t matter the size of the closet or the amount of clutter stored there, organizing your closets helps you use what you have and know what you need.

We all need some guidelines when cleaning out closets and drawers. First, there should be nothing in your closet that isn’t currently wearable and coordinate well with other pieces.  Secondly, separate out pieces that are nostalgic or vintage and items that need alterations or mending from everything else. Third, avoid holding on to old clothes until you lose that extra 20lbs. If you lose that twenty pounds you deserve new clothes!

As you go through the rest of your wardrobe, on each piece ask these questions:

1. Have I worn it in the last year? If not… Bye bye!
2. Is the color unbecoming… if so, it’s outta here.
3. Does the garment need alteration… and has forever? Fix it or lose it!
4. Does a friend own the exact same item? If it looks better on them…dump it.
5. Too fabulous to be forgotten before your next event…it’s history.
6. Such a classic style that it’s dull…. see ya!
7. A vivid reminder of an awful event…. Why would you keep it?
8. Doesn’t give the style image you’re trying to portray…. Dump it.
9. Wrinkles way too fast…what a headache! Chuck it!!
10. Item was a comprise. Unless it’s an absolute wardrobe staple …toss it!.

Now that you’ve gotten rid of the excess, organize the remaining wardrobe so you know what you have.

First separate by season, then store off season clothes in another place. Winter sweaters, vintage and nostalgic pieces can be stored under the bed in storage boxes. For lighter spring sweaters try a 3–drawer clear cart in your closet.

Winter coats, jackets and outerwear can also be stored in bins under beds or overhead in closets. Shoes should be organized and up off the floor when possible. Match up your pairs and stack them in clear shoe boxes.  If space is tight, try a hanging 18-pair shoe organizer. Any shoes that need repair should be repaired or discarded. Store smaller looser items in drawers.

As you go through your closet, separate pieces by style… Short sleeve- long sleeve. Hang suits and complete outfits together. Pants and skirts, blazers and jackets. Use good hangers.  Wire hangers can ruin clothes adding unnecessary dimples and creases to your shirts and trousers.

Organized dresser drawers so you can quickly see what you have. Invest in some drawer organizers for hats, gloves, belts, scarves, ties, hose and other smaller garments. Shoe boxes are a cheap organizing fix, but I fancy the range of product made by Sterilite and have found them regularly at Big Lots for less. These drawer organizers make it much easier to find an item.

Using just a few of these tips will decrease dressing time and allow you to honestly evaluate your wardrobe needs.  Now you can bargain hunt for a deal on that perfect addition to your wardrobe. Yep, works for me!

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