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March 20, 2017

The End to Winter Blues

This last Winter it seems it was our families turn to be unhealthy. Normally we are all pretty healthy with no complaints. But this Winter everyone one of us either had an affliction, an injury, medical emergency or some virus constantly visiting our home leaving us tired, immobile, coughing, achy and irritable. 

August 24, 2016

Having it All for Less

Many Southern Californian’s are associated in some way with the entertainment industry. Actors, Crew & Craft Services, Writers, Directors, Production Assistants and more live on just about every street. Most hustle for every gig and need to look great, and keep up appearances even when they’re in between jobs.  Stretching your dollar is paramount to stay ahead of the game.

September 29, 2015

We Pounce, We Score!

We always try to visit outlets and discounters that are out of our immediate neighborhood when we happen to be in their area. A trip to the inland empire this last weekend to visit a family friend had us stopping at a couple of places. 

Sometimes we pop into stores we’ve already researched to shop and see how they’re doing… so we popped into Price Coast Outlet in Montclair to do both.

August 13, 2014

Managing My Beauty Regime

As I age…..I’m spending more and more money on beauty products. Ugh!! I shouldn’t even admit that! But it is sadly, inevitable. My morning and evening routines have become longer. But most importantly, my budget is being affected.

To try to find some financial balance, I periodically try new products through freebies and giveaways.… most don’t cut the mustard and are tossed. But some, I keep

April 30, 2013

Getting Fit for Summer

In January I started taken Cardio Ballet Barre classes out at the Eagle Rock Cardio Barre.
These were originally bought as a Groupon (10 classes for $55) back in November.

These are kick ass workout classes based on dance technique. You will sweat, you will shake from your effort and you will get stronger….

March 11, 2013

Managing Temptation

I’m not sure how long this is gonna last, but we are taking the extra sugar out of our diet.

This came about because we saw our teen daughter eating way too many carbs. Too much sugar, too much bread, too much pasta, candy & ice cream.

March 04, 2013

Beware of the Deal

Like many of you I have signed up for every “deal” website there is. Groupon, Living Social, Amazon Local and others. Many of them have merged, some have changed their names or quietly disappeared.

I have bought some great buys through deal sites. But that said…..

October 29, 2012

Getting Back Into Shape

Lately I’ve been exercising several times a week, dragging my sorry butt to exercise classes at a new fitness workout gym called Fitness for Life in Glendale.

I was rather out of shape and scared to go to a regular gym or dance class. Since the work out gym is new most classes are at the beginning level.

August 22, 2012

Customer Service Surprise

A last minute fashion crisis hit our house Sunday… the kid’s favorite pair of jeans from American Eagle busted a zipper. Her favorite pair… and school started the next day.

You’d think the world had come to an end….

February 15, 2012

Our New Obsession

I’m not the type to obsess over much. But lately I’ve had an obsession to create a more sustainable lifestyle.

The big obsession both hubby and I are focusing on together are lowering all our bills. We went through this same focus about 3 years ago with some success and are now addressing it again.

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