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May 24, 2016

Sometimes Service is Everything

We’re closing our Home Depot Account today.

First the interest rate is ridiculous. Second, unless you know what you’re doing or exactly what you need, it’s exhausting and maddening to shop there. It’s not that they don’t try, but it’s too big and you have to chase down help that often knows less than you do.

May 16, 2016

BargainsLA Peeps are the BEST

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Sometimes doing this “BargainsLA” thing is stressful for me. I tend to worry…. Not only do I want all of you guys to find great deals and be happy with the product, I also want the sales and discounters I write about to be happy with you guys as shoppers.

May 10, 2016

The Eyes Have It

I have driving sunglasses that I use because I am a bit nearsighted with astigmatism. Lately my distance eyesight seems to have gotten better, so I haven’t felt like I had to go in for an eye check up.

I have never really needed reading glasses. I read the newspaper daily as well as a bunch of business related articles on he computer. But at the end of the day, after 6 hours on the computer, my eyes were tired and achy. So after much nudging from hubby, I found a new Optometrist and went in…. 

May 02, 2016

Making Old New Again

When I was a kid, Spring was my mom’s favorite time of year. Beyond the beauty of nature and the good weather, she loved to come up with new ways to save.  There were always lots of good sales at the big department stores as well as some great warehouse and sample sales. But as a single, working mom, she had to be inventive, recycling some of our winter clothes to get us through the upcoming Summer months.

April 19, 2016

Un Boxed

There is so much deception in the marketplace. Few if any retailers are remotely truthful anymore. Promises are made, with the hope that you the consumer won’t check anything out.

I got rather annoyed with a new business that’s been saying it’s a good deal. You may have caught their ads all over cable and network TV. They guarantee the lowest pricing and have no membership fee. But all is not as it appears to be at

April 11, 2016

The Truth About Sample Sales

Sample Sales have changed dramatically over the last 20 years. What used to be a term for a designer showroom sale of samples from the previous season, has turned into a term to describe everything from an overproduction sale to a used closing sale….And everything in between.

April 06, 2016

Frugal Motivation

Filed Under: Consumer

We knew it was coming and it wasn’t going to be pretty.

Like many of you, we once again this year, we are paying thousands of dollars in taxes. Of course, I am not pleased, considering we are not making a substantial income.  But there it is. No amount of additional write offs is going to change anything except flag us to the IRS.

March 28, 2016

The Discerning Saturday Sale Shopper

I popped into the Saturday Sale this week. Hadn’t been since last Summer.  It seemed smaller than normal, but it was their first sale of the year…. Perhaps 25 vendors. This can be a hit or miss sale, if you don’t know what you’re looking at.  But when you do, it’s a hit!

March 16, 2016

The Cost of High Rents

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If you’ve lived in Southern California for any amount of time you know two things….traffic sucks and rents are ridiculous.

It’s not just people and families that suffer with high rents eating up their paychecks, it’s businesses too. It drives up the costs, that you and I eventually pay for.  High rents also force businesses to relocate into lower rent areas to try to control costs.

March 07, 2016

Time to Give Uber a Try

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As a native, L.A. raised gal I have seen our traffic go from ok …to horrendous. I don’t need to tell you how bad it is or how we got here. But, the truth is our traffic congestion plays a daily, stressful, negative role in all of our lives.

But we recently tried out Uber.

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