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August 24, 2016

Having it All for Less

Many Southern Californian’s are associated in some way with the entertainment industry. Actors, Crew & Craft Services, Writers, Directors, Production Assistants and more live on just about every street. Most hustle for every gig and need to look great, and keep up appearances even when they’re in between jobs.  Stretching your dollar is paramount to stay ahead of the game.

August 16, 2016

Annoying Calls

Our business, BargainsLA works out of our home office. We have only one land line for both the house and the business. Though we used to get lots of phone calls and at one time had two separate phone lines, we are down to one and are now considering cutting that line as well.

August 11, 2016

Back to School Blues

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Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! The local school bells awakened me this morning at 7:00 am. I really shouldn’t complain. I have been lucky enough to have started sleeping later since my daughter graduated High School. My 19 years of 6am waking up are finally over.

August 02, 2016

An Argument for Vintage Furniture

I love antique furniture whether it’s Mid Century or Victorian. The quality, design and craftsmanship are often superior to anything made today.

However, beautifully crafted, older vintage or antique furniture isn’t for everyone… but it should be.

July 26, 2016

Where Does It All Go?

There is always a vast amount of overproduction in the rag trade. Manufacturers make more than they can sell for a variety of practical, economic and marketing reasons.  Why does this happen and where does it all go?

July 20, 2016

Being Retail Savvy

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It has always been “Buyer Beware”. As consumers, we have to be on guard all the time.  Business is in business to make money. Not be your best pal. Capitalism is both a blessing and a curse. You, as a shopper have to help keep them in line. In business, your vote is your dollar

July 14, 2016

No Score Shopping

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It’s time to spruce up the bedroom.  My favorite quilt and shams are starting to show some age. So I have been on the hunt for a new Duvet set.

I thought I found one that would work on Rue La La.  But then it arrived and I was totally dumbstruck when it clashed with other colors in the room. Hubby hated it and my daughter exclaimed, “What were you thinking mom!?”

June 29, 2016

Department Stores Vs Independent Boutiques

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A lot of us shop big stores instead of smaller, independent stores just for convenience. But if you want to keep your money in the local economy or get better service, smaller boutiques are usually better.
Here’s why.

June 21, 2016

The Sanctuary Warehouse Sale

Lately I have been dragging hubby with me to check out new outlets and sales. Not just because I enjoy his company, but because he often has insight into businesses and pricing that I don’t.
His coming along with me also helps stop me from buying.

But this sale I had to shop!

June 16, 2016

Surprising Deals

Yee Gads!  Our 8-year-old counter top microwave bit the dust. So spoiled is my family, that we had to immediately go find another one.  We really only use it for reheating. But that convenience is too important.

I was not going to be rushed into this purchase. I had to find one at a good price.

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