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Wholesale Garden Ceramic Planters

Ceramic Garden Planters

By Suzanne O'Connor

Since we live in Southern California we spend much of our social life outdoors. So we’ve been slowly planting and sprucing up our yard and patio areas. As we continue to work on our garden and patio we have been shopping for good prices on ceramic planters.

An excursion out to the San Gabriel Valley for research turned up an Asian Ceramic wholesaler who has part of his gigantic outdoor lot open to the public selling at wholesale and below pricing.

Usually selling to landscapers, developers and designers, Asian Ceramics can save you 30%-80% on ceramic and metal planters, pots and more in overstock, seconds and damaged product. This is no frills shopping, make sure to bring a hat and gloves so you can take your time to hunt through the inventory.

Some stellar buys included a large tree sized glazed pot for $79. I have priced these at $150-$180. An Oval tree sized glazed ceramic pot was $89 instead of $160.  Some gigantic 5’ tall (second) planter pots were $199 instead of $500.  A large round ball shaped pot would normally sell around $65-$80. Here it’s $40. A large, tree sized, commercial planter was $128 instead of $200.

Smaller ½ gallon ceramic pots were $8 instead of $16 and a small square Asian themed pot/ vase was $6 instead of $18. A white 1 gallon glazed ceramic pot with garland trim was only $8. Retail would be upwards of $24. Some ceramic plates were priced from $2-$6 with coffee cups at $3

An area in front had the best buys of the day on galvanized steel planters priced at $10-$15. Sized for trees, shrubs, and accent flower beds, these would normally retail at $50-$150 or more.

If you’re working on your landscaping or gardening, shop the wholesaler first. You’ll save a bundle!

Asian Ceramics
2800 Huntington Dr.,
Duarte, CA 91010
(626) 449-6800

Open Mon.-Fridays 8am-4pm and some Saturdays 9am-1pm (call ahead)
Before you shop their yard, they like you to check in at the front office.

Cash/ CC/ Ck
Tell ‘em Suzanne from sent ya.

… I couldn’t buy anything that day cause I was driving my new Honda and the planters I wanted wouldn’t fit. I need to go back with my Subaru Wagon.

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