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By Suzanne O'Connor

At our household, we always try to stay financially lean. Staying lean allows us to grow our business and still enjoy life while keeping our unnecessary expenses low. Now we just got a little leaner.

Our extra “fat” expenses include going out to the movies and Cable TV. Both have been cut, but not completely. We just re-thought, and re-worked how we spent our entertainment dollar.

This year instead of going to the movies twice a month, we may go once a month and when we do go, we go to a matinee. We do not buy popcorn and drinks saving us an easy $50 every month.

But in this recession we needed to make further cuts. So we’ve cut cable TV down to basic cable and only have basic cable in one room instead of several. The biggest change, however was the addition of Roku.

In our living room we returned our cable box back to Charter Cable and installed Roku Digital Video Player ($99). Thru Netflix we have access to over 12,000 film titles, streamed directly to us whenever we want at no additional charge. We still need a Netflix membership but the costs so far are way lower than cable and you can watch any of the 12,000 movies when you want to for no additional charge.

Roku is way cool, saves us money and we don’t to fight over programming. Roku instantly streams over 12,000-high quality movies from Netflix (and soon over 40,000 movies from Amazon Video On Demand) over the Internet—directly to your TV. – including hundreds in HD – instantly! We can watch as much as we want and as often as we want without paying more. How cool is that?

Log into your Netflix account, go to the “play instantly” category and start adding to a queue. You can access on your computer or view on your TV if you have Roku set up.

Their goal is to have all DVDs available but it will take time to convert them all.

Cutting cable was emotionally traumatic for our daughter. But now that she sees how much she can watch through Roku she’s not as upset. As responsible parents, we’ve eliminated some dicey unwanted networks, cut expenses, and taken back control of our TV set. Yep, we’re really digging Roku.

Note from Hubby:
This is the future. We are watching streaming HD video on our TV not the computer. Imagine the consumer being able to dictate what they watch when they want. This will eventually envelop all forms of viewing be it network or cable. This is the end of video rental stores. Netflix has now removed the last obstacle …having to wait 2 days for your mail. Now it is instant gratification. Saves postage, fuel, not to mention the benefits/savings of NOT pressing millions of DVDs.

Suzanne O’Connor

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