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By Suzanne O'Connor

When we suddenly had to upgraded our kitchen last year, I had to rush out a buy a sink and faucet fast. That last minute decision meant I couldn’t look around for a bargain spot to hunt for a great sink and faucet. You guys will be luckier since I found Alfi Trade.

This distributor and manufacturer of sinks, faucets & hardware and toilets has a local showroom where they sell discontinued styles, samples, seconds and damaged product direct to the public for 15%-40% savings.

The first thing I noticed at their warehouse was the display of the Alfi (house brand)  faucets made from stainless steel in a brushed nickel finish.  These high-quality, modern faucets are made of all stainless steel with ceramic cartridges (not plastic that is found in most low end to mid range faucets)… so they will last.

Here I found a solid stainless steel pull down faucet. Retail is $400. Here it’s $229. Another really cool faucet with a swivel neck for pot filling was $189 instead of $350.  A Goose neck kitchen/ bar faucet was $190 instead of $410. Another solid stainless faucet was $280 instead of $490.

But I liked the Fire Clay Farm House sinks by Whitehaus. As the distributor, they had in a variety of sizes, single and double basins.  The prices range from $100-$728. Deals included a slightly cosmetically flawed sink at $600 instead of $800.  A smaller kitchen would like the smaller one basin Farm House sink at $400 instead of $500. In total there are over 20 styles to choose from in various finished including black, white and cream. I’m told this is the biggest selection of Farm House sinks in the country and here you can get them for less.

They also had some eco friendly, dual flush toilets by EAGO. The dual flush has a .8 gallon and a 1.6 gallon flush … cause sometimes you need more water to get the job done and sometimes you need less.  The savings here ran 15%-20% with a $400 models running $339 and $345. These are well-designed, sleek modern toilets with the tank and bowl crafted in one piece.

I also spotted a whirlpool bathtub. If you’re in the market for one, this discontinued floor sample can be had at $1400 instead of $2000 including the hardware and faucets.

Though you can special order (at retail), the real deals here are in the product available in the showroom warehouse.  Your contractor or designer can special order at wholesale, but if you walk in on your own… you can’t. You can only get those prices on the product that’s actually on the floor.

Even though this is a true warehouse shopping experience, you get some full service support from the knowledgeable people who make and distribute this product all over the USA.

Alfi Trade
4831 W. Jefferson Blvd.
Los Angeles 90016 ( Near La Brea Ave.)
(323) 732-4045

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